I am on the road again and I feel so lucky that my god gives all opportunuties to live my life as what I want. I thank my God every day in my life for all I have.

This time I am on the way to Antartica and Patagonia…

After I spent 2 days in Dubai at Rixos Jumeriah I flew 20 hours with Emirates airlines to Buenos Aires and now I am at Emperador hotel…

I woke up early in the morning to meet the rest of the group from Hurtigruten which is the group of the journey to Antartica, then we went to airport for the flight to Ushuaia. Ushuaia is called “end of the world” since this city is the last city of the world… Learning the new cities and cultures as well makes me so excited. I saw already the northest place of the World which is Alaska… I remember my scream because of my happines while sled sliding drawn by huskies on the snow… Now I am on the southest part of the World.

There are less than 7.000 people living here in Ushuaia.During 1960s, government of Arjantine makes people to move here in Ushuaia to improve the life via providing job oportunuties with high salaries by building factories. Now the city is full of young people. You will find schools, hospitals and so on but they import all foods since their climate is always cold during a year. They earn their Money from the factories built the period of 1960s. These days their income also comes from tourism.

There is no any city plan in Ushuaia. They built their places whereever they want during settlements in 1960s. Due to this the city looks messy.

29 Nov 2012

Now I am on the board and we will pass through Drake Channel without cease.Waves are incredible. Some people is not able to take this cruise due to seasickness…But I am already excited about what we are going to see when we arrive Antartica.

30 Nov 2012

We are now in december and there is no way to catch the time I know. This is the reason why I enjoy every single moment of the life and live life to the full…

The first island I saw here in Antartica is Cuverville Island, which is full of penguins living in a harmony here.They never run away from the people visiting the island since they never face any harm. Even when we leave the boat as small group of people, penguins stare at us and they have fun with us. Penguins are all so cute. Whenever I saw them clapping their wings and shambling left to the right, I would like to sun through them and give a big hug with millions of kisses. It was really hard to keep myself to not taking one of them to my home. I admired and went down to watch the penguins.

Prof Leo Errera found Cuverville Island becuase of his researches. However he came here frequently to stay for a short periods. Antartica does not belong any countries. One of the charity group established a foundation. Anyone can join this foundation in the World but ofcourse without waiting any profit.

After staying at this lovely island we returned back to the boat to take a warm shower and having a relax. I will be ready for the next day….

02 Dec 2012

I am now amazed and impressed after 2 days here in Antartica because of the pristine coves and the beautiful penguins.Even the channel now we are passing away with width of 500meter, Lamaire channel makes me more excited. Huge icebergs makes me nervous if the boat crashes like Titanic. Boat slows down now and I am wondering if it is stopped already.Maybe becuse of the icebergs captain is afraid of bumping into them.

Oh my gosh! Captain has anounced now and because of a huge iceberg we are now returning back and try to get another road. Luckily the sky is bright and we can see clearly.Actually you never see the sky dark here during the year. 23 hours a day, the sky is always bright and the remaining part you can see twilight only. Since I don’t like living curtains closed I love living under the bright sky.

03 Dec 2012

And finally I left Antartica my behind what I dreamed about for a long time. During last 2 days we got the huge waves from the front of the boat and it was really hard. Noone can even stand on the boat including me. I never left my cabin during these 2 days. I only ate some bread and water. Nothing more. But this is life. Even I have not written this letters to a paper I could possibly forget all. I have the power of God and nature to reset all bad things from my life.Thanks goodness…

Now I am on the way to El Calafate and waiting form y flight at the Ushuaia airport. I will tell the story of El Calafate…

08 Dec 2012

(I’m on a long and narrow road) Purpose of my life is always learn more and more and more…And taking the lessons from the nature. Now I am in Bariloche. You never dream about something you don’t know. If I wasn’t be here I never learn how the paradise looks like. I already would like to have the note on my trobstone as “Ahu found her paradise by herself”. I know very well what the hapiness is now.

Many swedish moved and settled here after IInd World War. This is the reason of the harmony in Bariloche people living together from all ethnic groups. Everyone try to help each other always. Since the popularity of the population coming from Sweeden, there are several chocolate and beer factories seen here. The rest of the income comes from tourism.

All around Bariloche you will see huge and healty pine trees. I learned one thing what I never heard before. Because the pine trees secrete acids, other type of plant never grow up around them. You see in the pictures georgus pine trees, and they have genders like female and male. And the male ones feed the females with its own pollen. After that females produce its fruits.As you have seen from the pictures the fruits are in green but as soon as it becomes Brown those can be eaten.

My hotel here is on the shore one of the lake and even if I admire this city I prefer staying 45 mins away from the center. Tomorrow morning I will again be on the road. My flight will be early in the morning at 6 am to Buenos Aires and it takes 2 hours 20mins…