We started our Caribbean journey from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. After 2 days crusing on the open sea our first stop is in Antigua.

When I was here about 20 years ago with Ünal and Ceyla –for some reason Ala wasn’t with us- we had visited a bay called Desbit. Here a local man with long rasta hair approached us and said ‘bubble bubble’. Ofcourse we didn’t understand what he was saying and because we thought he was trying to sell us marajuana we told him to go away. But then when the waiter brought our pina coladas and said ‘here are your bubbles’ we figured out that this is what they call the drinks. So this time as soon as I got there I said ‘I want a bubble’ and the waiter looked at me in astonishment. After we had our pinacoladas we ate lobster and had a wonderful time.

Antigua babbul ve istagoz