I want to talk a little about Rio. 20 years ago we came here with Ünal. At that time I kissed the ground. For some reason I really wanted to come here. I loved to dance and I thought that there was a lot of dancing here. And it was true then. Now 20 years have passed. Now I realise I’m not so excited to be here. Yesterday I took some photos of Copacobana. I ate at a really good meat restaurant and I wrote about it. You will see in the photos. The food, the service, the behaviour, eveything was super. The restaurant was in Ipenema. I was very impressed. Now I’m back in the hotel. The weather is cloudy and I can’t go in the pool or the sea. I wouldn’t go in the pool anyway but I can’t go in the sea as the weather is overcast. I’m just enjoying walking around Rio. It’s interesting, people walk around in their bathing suits in Rio. Even in the best restaurants people come with their bathing suits. They wear a pair of shorts and flip flops on their feet. Even the men just wear a tshirt over their bathing suits and walk around like that. There are a lot of young people and they make love a lot. There are a lot of condom commercials on TV. Seks is portrayed as a very natural thing as it should be, just the opposite of it is in our country. There are a lot of young people and they walk around making love a lot. There are some women who are with older men; young women. But mostly everybody is with their peers. This is enough for today, tomorrow afternoon I’m going to the airport, we’ll see what happens there.



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