Rome is a place we all know as a city that all of us love. Where the sweet Italian lives. It should have been 5-6 years, this time it was very good.
I stayed 2 nights, not much. I stayed at the hotel of Salvador Ferragamo. It was very interesting. On the wall of the hotel there were old artists who took what they had, what shoes they wore, photos they had, I liked it very much.
This is the photo you see, the Colosseum we all know. I had a nice dinner at the Amore Restaurant in the evening, accompanied by a view of the Colosseum.


Fontana Di Trevi Lona

Fontana Di Trevi Lona, also The pool is called Spanish Stairs, there is a famous pool, the water is very clean. One of the few places in the world. The people are sitting on the stairs as you see it.




They make money by singing in the streets on the way, they open the soul of the people and they collect money.
They are so sweet couple and singing at the corner opposite of Salvatore Ferragamo Hotel.I liked very much.



I stayed here and so pleased and pleasantly.